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Human Resource Outsourcing — a better way to ensuring compliance and

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Human Resources Outsourcing is a vital service that any organization can contract to stay competitive in today’s business environment. HR Outsourcing services are indispensable for maintaining compliance with laws and regulations and maintaining endless numbers of records pertaining to employees.




Record Keeping

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HR Outsourcing for small business is vital because it helps to cut costs, promote paperless environment and keep staffing at its minimum. Driving our services are our highly-trained virtual HR Managers who understand your business inside out. Our HR Services will eliminate the need for additional staffing and attendant expenses; especially for small businesses that operate on shoestring budget.


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Filing Documents

All employee related documents ready for filing before authorities

Employee Documents

All employee related documents right up to termination

Payroll Preparation

Payroll as per employer's guidelines and instructions

Insurance compliance

Ensures all legal requirement regarding employee insurance

Statutory Compliance

Federal and State legal compliance record keeping

Compliance Audit Reports

Audit Reports as per legal standards and Guidelines